Why Innovation Matters

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Why Innovation Matters: An introduction to systematic innovation

Learn why innovation matters with this introductory masterclass about systematic innovation and the frameworks that help us to innovate.



What is this masterclass "Why Innovation Matters" about

Innovation has become a buzzword and every company is selling innovation, because it is crucial in this fast-changing times. However,  innovation is usually misunderstood. People tend to think innovation is all about technology and it’s not like that. Technology is part of innovation, but innovation starts with a mindset and training your left brain.

With this course you will understand what is systematic innovation, why innovation matters and understand all these concepts as a professional. 

After completing this introductory class, you will be able to solve complex problems, because you will know what tools to use. 

Systematic innovation brings you to a new world full of opportunities. It is fun and you will stand out in whatever you do!

Bonus: Within the course, you will find extra materials and a challenge, that you can share in our Slack community, getting also inspired by other people’s cool ideas.

This is what you'll learn

  • Name and understand the concepts like a professional
  • Analyse different situations from a creative perspective
  • Evaluate the frameworks you want to use
  • Build an innovative mindset


  • This course is recommended to anyone who want to understand what innovation means and why it matters.
  • There are no specific requirements, this is an introductory course so you can get a holistic view of innovation and learn what are the frameworks that help us to innovate.

About the coach

Estefania Fernandez is the founder of e-Bloom and one of the international meetup Business Model Re:public, with around 6000 members.

She is a serial entrepreneur, lecturer in business model innovation and entrepreneurship and innovation consultant with experience in startups and big corporations.

She is committed to help other entrepreneurs and young graduates to create their businesses and/or boost their career.

Photo from Estefania

Who this course is for

  • Business students or graduates who want to understand some concepts related to innovation and agile methodologies
  • Entrepreneurs who want to know how they can innovate in their business models
  • Consultants who want to have a holistic view of the frameworks that help us to innovate
  • Innovation facilitators who want to have another perspective about its methodologies

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