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What is data literacy

Online course: What is data literacy, your first steps towards full fluency Date and time Wed, January 19, 2022 4 pm CET Location Online event

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Job interview

How to Master your Pitch about yourself and Get your Dream Job

In this post you are going to learn how to structure your ideas and master your pitch about yourself to get your dream job. The objective is that you can learn how to write a script for your pitch and present yourself with confidence with a 60 seconds pitch technique. Does it sound easy?

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Young man learning online what project management agile methodology is best for him

Most Popular Project Management Certifications including Agile

Do you want to become the best project manager you know? An excellent project manager can make a huge difference in an organization as it contributes immensely to its core structure. Since technology and businesses across the world are incessantly developing, there is a need for qualified project managers that can harness the power of modern technological advancements.

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Feet climbing stairs

Boosting Resilience: Empowering Lives and Ways to Improve in 2021

Life, in nature, is all about overcoming challenges, solving problems, and discovering yourself in the process. Human evolution depended heavily on our basic instinct to defy the odds, adapt to the changes, and come out on top – stronger than ever.

One characteristic that has catalysed human evolution is ‘Resilience.’

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Find your purpose

Best Guide: 10 Practical Ways to Know Your Life’s Purpose

How do you define a successful career or life? Well, everyone’s definition of a perfect life is different. Therefore, you cannot come up with a one-size-fits-all solution that can help people figure out their life’s purpose. We understand that and have shortlisted some of the most practical ways people can find meaning in their lives. Stay with us till the very end to get acquainted with them all. Let’s get started!

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