Boosting Resilience: Empowering Lives and Ways to Improve in 2021

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Why resilience is so important to be successful


Life, in nature, is all about overcoming challenges, solving problems, and discovering yourself in the process. Human evolution depended heavily on our basic instinct to defy the odds, adapt to the changes, and come out on top – stronger than ever.

One characteristic that has catalysed human evolution is ‘Resilience.’

We wanted to publish a standalone article on resilience, and here we are. Stay with us till the very end as we discuss why you need to build resilience and some of the best ways to achieve it in a practical sense. Let’s get started!

Why should you build resilience?

Life has its highs and lows. Things can sometimes turn from bad to worse and make it difficult for you to recover from the hardships. Resilience allows us to develop fighting mechanisms that protect us from getting overwhelmed, especially during stressful times. It is a quality that keeps us from developing mental health issues as well.

Besides these, here are some of the essential benefits of introducing resilience in our lives. Let’s discuss them briefly before we share ways to develop resilience effectively.

● Resilience helps boost our ability to learn and pushes us to reach academic excellence. It keeps us focused on the goal and doesn’t allow us to quit until the job is done.

● Working professionals can significantly reduce their absence from work and develop qualities to overcome work-related issues. Resilience helps them solve problems as a team.

● Are you trying to quit drugs, smoking, excessive drinking, or any other risk-taking behaviour? Resilience will help establish the mindset required to overcome addiction and stay on course to a healthy life.

● Resilience helps us realize our responsibility towards our families, friends, and society. It increases your involvement in the community and improves your social health.

● You cannot achieve physical health without resilience. Quitting lousy food and lifestyle choices isn’t easy and demands perseverance on your end. That’s the reason why resilient people live a longer life!

How to build resilience more effectively?

Now that we know how important it is to build resilience, let’s take a step forward and find out different ways we can naturally introduce it in our lives.

1. Establish life goals

Moving forward without direction is moving backward. When you give your life some direction, it becomes easier to deal with a crisis. Life goals allow you to steer your life through challenging situations. In the process, you will build resilience as your ability to manage stress and not get overwhelmed improves. In other words, life goals give you the purpose to fight.

2. Have confidence in yourself

It’s time you stop doubting yourself. To build unshakable resilience, you will have to show confidence in your ability to manage stress and respond to crises. Don’t let criticism or a negative inner voice affect your life journey. Practice affirmations like ‘I can do this,’ ‘I’m a better person than yesterday,’ ‘I have everything I need.’ Always remind yourself of your strengths.

3. Stay optimistic throughout the journey

Pessimism will lead you nowhere. Entertaining negativity during dark times is like digging a grave for yourself. So, stay optimistic and have hope. Developing a hopeful outlook gives you the strength to remain positive through the ordeal. Optimism is an important part of resiliency as it involves tackling problems to generate positive outcomes. It further gives you the strength to tackle adverse outcomes!

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4. Build a reliable social network

Resilience doesn’t necessarily come from within. It equally depends on your environment and the people you surround yourself with. Build a solid social network. Have people in your network that you can confide in. Make it easier for you to share your emotions, ask for help, get advice and support to solve problems. Let your social network turn you into a resilient being.

5. Welcome change in life

Change drives life on this planet. So, instead of running away from change, one should embrace it and learn how to stay flexible. We discussed how important it is to have life goals. The truth is that these goals will change form as we go through different learning experiences. Change is also a driving force for building resilience that strengthens our ability to thrive in a crisis.

6. Keep improving yourself

Indeed, you should remind yourself of your strengths. But, you must never stop improving your skills. Develop problem-solving skills and strategies to tackle challenges. Focus on approaching problems in the most logical way possible. Always work towards learning new skills and sharpening the ones you possess.

7. Quit procrastination

Lastly, push yourself to get into drive mode from the word go. Don’t wait for things to happen; make things happen! Take immediate action whenever you come across a problem. Waiting for problems to hit the roof is a strategy to fail. So, focus on making progress and getting things under control.

Keep reading!

There you have it. We have shared some of the most crucial insights into building resilience and how this simple behavioral characteristic can improve the quality of your life. Hopefully, this quick post helped you realize how important it is to stay resilient and take on life with a positive attitude. Do you have questions? Put them down in the comment section as we’d love to answer them! Don’t forget to check out other informative posts in the blog too!

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