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Our very first project #Coffee4Edu

This is the story about how an e-learning experience can have a social impact.

And how co-creation and collaboration between humans can create beautiful social projects to help less privileged people, in this case, children in Nigeria.

The background of the project

Every business, NGO or project has an creator. Here, his name is Chukwuma Anklin Amadi, founder of Back to School Africa Initiative.

Anklin was teaching history in Calabar when Endurance, one of his best students, told him she had to leave the school. Her family could not support her financially and she was about to get married at the age of 14.  Then, Anklin sponsored her studies, so she could have a better future.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated situation in Nigeria. Families cannot afford the school fees and many children don’t have access to receive an education. 

For this reason, Anklin together with other volunteers, decided to create Back 2 School Africa in 2018.

Through their projects, campaigns and activities, they provide scholarships, school materials, STEM education, food supply, healthcare and all forms of welfare support to less privileged children in remote communities.


#Coffee4Edu is the project in progress, result of the participation of Back 2 School Africa as partner of e-Bloom in our first virtual design thinking workshop.

After learning with the e-Bloom online courses on innovation and design thinking, we started to organize the virtual workshop.

Anklin received an extra training to become design thinking facilitators with the support from the e-Bloom’s team. 

E-Bloom has designed a virtual guided experience and the two courageous students have taken their acquired knowledge to lead the co-creation workshop.


The challenge was “How might we help Back to School Africa to create a more creative and sustainable fundraising campaign to support the children in Nigeria”. 

After the 2,5 hours fun workshop where we had a dozen participants, the winner idea was #Coffee4Edu. The prototype was creating a flyer where we explain the process and share it on social media to analyze the reaction of the people.

After further conversations, we have adapted the idea to create reusable coffee mugs to sell and raise funds to support more children.

In order to do so, we are starting with a MVP (Minium Viable Product). This means that we are starting with a small experience, with a low investment. This is going to be a pop-event that will allow us to learn from the process and obtain more funds to reinvest in more cups.

Our goal

It costs an average of 40 € per year to put a child through school in Nigeria.

The average salary is 50 € per month from what a person has to make a living.

Many families cannot afford to provide an education to their children.

Our goal for 2022 is to provide education to 250 children in Nigeria by paying those fees.

e-Bloom is financing the first mugs, but we are also running a crowdfunding campaign to be able to order more mugs and have the desired outcome.

Help us to get started!

How are we going to reach it

Starting with a MVP, a first event at a cozy café in Berlin.

We are ordering 700 that we aim to sell at 5 € each. We expect to sell around 300 mugs for the first event and with this money, we can already order 700 more and distribute them in different cafes in Berlin.

We follow an approach to reinvest earnings to escalate the project.

We expect to sell 3000 coffee mugs in 2022 from a realistic perspective.

With this, we will have raised 10.000 € that will give education to 250 children in Africa.

Do you want to volunteer for this project or partner with Back to School Africa to sell those mugs in your coffee shop? Get in touch directly with them here


The kick-start event

Because all the participants from this project are based in Berlin, we have decided to organize this event in the popular neighborhood of Kreuzberg.

La Maison” at Paul-Lincke-Ufer 17, was our first option. They have a great location, amazing coffee, cozy and open space and really tasty bread and pastries.

We got in contact directly with his owner, Andreas, to ask permission to do this kick-start event there. The answer was a big YES!

On Sunday the 30th of January, between 12 pm and 3 pm, our volunteers are presenting the project with flyers and selling the mugs.

We will also have a beatbox artist o lighten up the mood and a lot of enthusiastic energy.

We would like to invite you all to participate in this event with us.

The location