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Frequently asked questions

Anyone who has at least completed the masterclass “Why Innovation Matters” and the “Design Thinking” course.

Apply here

Apply here as a facilitator.

We will get in touch with you and provide you a guide and checklist.

You will gain confidence and will be supported by us.

Any NGO partner can have a code from us that gives them direct access to the training. They also can participate in our workshops for free.

The NGO gets the training for free. We believe in #FeedingMinds more than in just giving money.

We also want to encourage people to take action in specific project.

We don’t know. This is the magic of co-creation and the performance of the group. But from our experience, there is enthusiasm and people can continue in touch in our Slack community to take action.

Of course! We are always open! Please get in touch and explain what is the challenge about. We will come back to you soon.


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We have received your email and we will respond as soon as possible. It can take up to 24 hours.

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