Creativity in action!

Online course

Creativity in action! How to solve problems, ideate
and innovate on command

Date and time

Tue, November 23, 2021

12 pm CET


Online event

Can you learn to be creative? Can Creativity be Taught? The answer is yes, and our coach Edoardo Binda will demonstrate that in this course.

About this online course


Being creative means being able to generate high-level, high-value ideas on command – alone or in a group,

When we think of creativity and ideation though, our general assumption is that some people are simply more creative than others and can therefore be better leaders. That assumption is however wrong.

Creativity is not an innate talent, creativity is a skill. A skill that obeys specific rules that have been identified, broken down and analyzed – and that can all be learned, applied and passed on.

In this course then we will see exactly what those rules are, how to train your creative skills on those basis and how to enable others to work the same way.

You will leave this session webinar with a renewed understanding about ideation, and a much stronger confidence in your ability to infuse innovative thinking in your team, to navigate tough environments and guide your teams through them.


What you will learn:

  1. A thorough and practical breakdown of what the creative process is, and how to replicate it in your work
  2. Differences between creative processes, with pros and cons for each one
  3. Ways to generate options on command, by yourself or with your team
  4. Decades of research, translated into today’s practice.

Research tells us a lot. Studies and science will be your best friend here, but not your only one. As much as research can tell us what to do, it cannot tell us how to do it! And that is why I’ve broken it all down for you in quick, clear, applicable steps that you can add to your professional toolbox immediately.



  1. – Introduction: what is creativity?
  2. – How does the creative process work? Steps and methods
  3. – How to get the best ideas out of a group
  4. – How to have high-quality ideas on command (when working alone)
  5. – Exercises and techniques to develop your ideation skills

Our Coach:


Edoardo is a leadership expert, podcaster and author of several books on this topic.

He is a trainer and coach specializing in improving teams’ and leaders’ productivity and performance by working on teamwork, leadership and innovation.

He applies disciplines from such areas as theater, creativity and psychology that he has studied and tested over the last 15 into business organizations.

You can take a free emotional intelligence test on his website.




If you cannot make it this time, it is ok. This course is going to be recorded and uploaded to our platform together with other interesting topics such as DESIGN THINKING, DATA LITERACY, FROM IDEA TO BUSINESS MODEL or FROM WATERFALL TO AGILE.

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