From Idea to Business Model

Online Course
"From Idea to Business Model"

Do you have a business idea? Or even too many ideas? How to know if they are good ones? How can you transform the idea into a business model?

In this online course you will learn how to have good business ideas and how to create a disruptive startup.


Entrepreneurship fundamentals course: From Idea to Business Model

About this online course

Do you have an entrepreneurial soul? Are you looking for what is your purpose? Do you always have business ideas but you do not know where to focus or how to get started?

You are not alone, you will meet more people like you here.

In this masterclass we will talk about the entrepreneurship fundamentals and how to organize those ideas, prioritize them and take action.

I will guide you on how to recognize if an idea is good enough to make it in the market, what techniques can you use to innovate in your startup and how to pitch it in one sentence.

This is an introduction to how to build your startup and quickly validate your idea. We have monthly events in the community that are for free and where you can pitch your idea in 5 minutes so you also get feedback from other people and gain confidence while presenting.


What you will learn

  1. How to find good startup ideas
  2. Transform an idea into a disruptive business
  3. Explain your business in one sentence


  1. How entrepreneurship can change the world
  2. How to find good startup ideas
  3. The ego of the entrepreneur
  4. What is a business model
  5. What techniques can you use to be disruptive
  6. How to explain your business model in one sentence

Our Coach:


Estefania is a passionate entrepreneurship and innovation. She is a mentor, lecturer and founder of e-bloom and the meetup Business Model Re:public.

She is committed to helping other entrepreneurs find their why and create innovative and responsible businesses.

She has a wide expertise in project and event management, business creation and community building.