It's all about
Personal Energy!

Online Course "It's all about Personal Energy. How to increase it to impact your business"

A course about Personal Development for Entrepreneurs.

Businesses have the personality, values & energy of their founders. Do you agree? To have a healthy business you should start with yourself. Learn the techniques to increase your energy to have an impact in your work and your personal life.

About this online course

When you wake up in the morning and you feel energized, rested, motivated, you are going to rock. As a leader, as a worker, as an entrepreneur, as a partner, a dad, a mum… your energy defines your mood, attitude, performance.

Imagine you have a big blank sheet of paper in front of you. Now write every single area of your life that gives you energy, and all of those that drain your energy. It’s like a puzzle of your life. Then you can work on a plan to maximize those energy givers and minimize or eliminate the energy drainers. It’s simpler than you think.

What will you learn

  • Why and how our energy levels impacts everything we do
  • The main energy givers and drainers
  • Myths and common sense brought to health
  • How to audit your own life and make an easy-to-implement plan


Why and how our energy levels impacts everything we do. One same concept could be a giver or a drainer

  1. Self-awareness – the key for improvement
  2. The 3 energy systems
  3. Diet. Anti-food. Basic concepts for a healthier digestion
  4. Biorhythms – how day and night affects our hormones and our health
  5. Rest and activity – the right balance
  6. Time management – the 3 main areas
  7. Assertiveness and limits – Perfectionism
  8. How we take it makes the difference – Acceptance and distortions
  9. Your internal audit for higher levels

Our Coach

Bea Sanchez is a consultant for wellness and healthy leadership.

She accompanies people and organizations to make changes in their lifestyle and understand health in a proactive and comprehensive way through coaching and detoxification.

Her mission is to guide you towards a healthier state and a simpler and happier life.


  • Your internal audit for higher energy levels
  • Template – the 3 main areas for time management
  • Template – weekly planner