Learn How to Pitch

Online Course "Learn How to Pitch"

It’s proven that people who train their communication skills and know how to pitch, are more successful in their personal and professional development.

A good presentation can be the difference between getting that dream job or not; get that funding that you need for your startup; motivate your team; or close a sale.

This course will help you to focus on the message you want to convey and deliver it properly.

A good pitch can literally change your life, so it’s worth to learn how to do it properly.

About this online course

How many times did you miss an opportunity because you did not perform properly at the moment you were presenting yourself or your project? Do you struggle when you talk in public? Do you have a lot to say but struggle when you need to synthesize?

The objective of the “Learn how to pitch” course is to help you to focus on the message you want to convey and get what you want to achieve.

There are three main types of pitching:

  • Pitch about yourself: when you introduce yourself in a networking event or a job interview when responding to the famous “tell me about yourself” question.
  • Pitching about a specific topic (project, webinar, team organization, proposal, etc): what we can call, a normal presentation
  • Pitch deck: the presentation of your startup, mainly oriented to get investment)

Every pitch should be adapted according to the goal of the presentation and our audience, but there are also some general recommendations for all of them.

What you will learn:

  1. The main principles of pitching.
  2. The techniques and tools to create a perfect pitch that engages your audience.
  3. Pitch with confidence.


  1. Why is pitching important.
  2. The principles of pitching.
  3. The techniques to engage your audience.
  4. The tools to create your pitch.
  5. Tips to pitch like a professional.
  6. The “Tell me about yourself” presentation.
  7. The “Pitch Deck”

Our Coach

Estefania Fernandez is a passionate entrepreneur and business model innovation expert. She is also a startup mentor, business coach and business school lecturer. Estefania loves helping students and young intra/entrepreneurs to find their way to succeed in their career. She is a doer and she believes in learning with practice in order to gain confidence, for that reason she has founder her meetup “Business Model Re:public” and the e-learning academy e-Bloom, with the approach “learning by helping”.

The mission of e-Bloom is to empower future leaders and give them the tools they need to succeed in their professional and personal development: gaining confidence, acquiring a creative and empathetic mindset to develop businesses with a social impact.



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