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Online masterclass with Estefania Fernandez

Masterclass on project management: From Waterfall to Agile. You will learn the basics of project management and have an overview of the certifications you can acquire and how, when and why to use a specific framework.

Entrepreneurship fundamentals course: From Idea to Business Model
Online masterclass with Estefania Fernandez

Masterclass on entrepreneurship: From idea to business model. Learn how to transform your business idea in a business model and start your startup from scratch.

Online Course with Masha Chelova

Everything is big data nowadays. However, how much do you know about it? In this course you will learn how to analyse data and make the most of it.

Online Course with Bea Sanchez

Businesses have the personality, values and energy of their founders. Do you agree? To have a healthy business you should start with yourself and with this online course we will learn how to increase it to impact your business.

Online Course with Estefania Fernandez

Do you struggle when you talk in public? Do you have a lot to say but struggle when you need to synthesize?

The objective of the “Learn how to pitch” course is to help you to focus on the message you want to convey. 

Online Courses coming soon

Courses coming soon
– Validate your idea 
– How to get started with your startup
– Scrum: Prepare for your exam


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