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Design Thinking: The only online course with real practice


What is this Design Thinking course about

Design Thinking is a process that you can learn and a skill that you can master with practice and that will help you to be more emphatic and creative. With this course you will understand why empathy and flexibility are crucial to improve or create better products, services, processes or business models. Also how to prepare a workshop, lead participants and deal with conflict by using the Design Thinking tools.

Design Thinking is much more that one framework to follow a process, while applying Design Thinking and without even realizing, we are improving other skills such as:

  • Creativity and critical thinking, as we are training our left and right brain with convergent and divergent thinking
  • Team work and conflict management, that is why a framework helps us to learn techniques to deal with people’s egos, democratize and prioritize ideas and learn with data analysis
  • Being agile and time management, since we use time boxing for every tool

Within the course, you will find extra materials and a challenge, that you can share in our Slack community, getting also inspired by other people’s cool ideas.

Remember, 80% of success is just getting started!

After completing the course, you have the opportunity to participate in a real virtual workshop where we use challenges provided by NGO partners. You can participate as a team member, but we also train you and give you the chance to become a facilitator.

What your will learn

  • Gain an appreciation of the design thinking process to start exploring how it can be involved in your work

  • Prepare for the challenges and obstacles of a workshop.

  • Analyze the differences between offline and online workshops.

  • Create a new product or service that fulfills the needs of your customer.


  • Ideally, you have a holistic view of innovation and you have completed the masterclass “Why Innovation Matters”

  • You should join our Slack community to partner with another student, if you want to participate in the “wallet challenge” and practice the design thinking process.

Our coach

Estefania Fernandez is the founder of e-Bloom and one of the most popular meetups for business model innovation in Europe called Business Model Re:public.

She is a serial entrepreneur, lecturer in business model innovation and entrepreneurship and innovation consultant with experience in startups and big corporations.

She is committed to help other entrepreneurs and young graduates to create their businesses and/or boost their career.

Who this course is for

  • Social entrepreneurs who want to learn a framework that helps them to co-create better solutions
  • Business graduates and young professionals who want to learn about Design Thinking

  • Purpose-driven people who want to participate in social innovation projects

  • Innovation facilitators wannabee who need guidance and practice