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This is a series of  events happening every 4th Wednesday of the month. We  have an open space where you can practice your personal pitch and gain confidence to be more successful.

What is this about

This meetup is part of a series of events of e-Bloom, happening the 4th Wednesday of every month, to practice your pitch.

The aim of this specific event is to gain confidence when presenting. This is event is perfect for people who need to practice their personal pitch or the popular “tell me about yourself” question for a job interview. But also, for those entrepreneurs who need to present their startup pitch deck to accelerators and investors.

Here some tips

For your personal pitch – 60 seconds

There is only one chance to give a first impression.

If you struggle often to present yourself in networking events or you need to prepare for a job interview, here you have some recommendations that will be useful for you.

Write your script before our event and pitch it us us! You will also get our audience feedback.

Facilitator for innovation

For your pitch deck – 5 minutes

Prepare presentation with 10 slides to explain your startup following this structure:

3.TAM SAM SOM (Market)
4.Competition and positioning
6.Unique selling point
7.Marketing Plan
8.Team (Roles and strengths)
9.Traction / Milestones
10. Call to action

You can also join our Slack community to interact with the community 

This is an international event, so people will join from different countries.

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