What is data literacy

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Online course: What is data literacy, your first steps towards full fluency

Date and time

Thu, January 20th, 2022

4 pm CET


Online event

Free if you are registered at e-Bloom

Everything is big data nowadays. However, how much do you know about it? Here you will learn how to understand data and make the most of it.

About this event


Everything is data: who we are, what we do, how we interact.

Understanding what data is, why it is important and how to use it effectively is the focus of this course.

We will navigate in the ocean of data, by identifying its origins and its most common types, catch a glimpse at how to read, analyze and communicate with it.

By learning with empathy you will get a better glimpse into the world of those working daily with data.

What you will learn:

  1. To read and differentiate between various types of data
  2. How to engage critically with and analyse data
  3. Creatively interact with datasets
  4. How to use data to tell a story


  1. What do we call data? What is special about it? How is it different from information?
  2. So where does it come from, how it is generated, collected, stored and what are the pitfalls? (Use/Privacy) Sustainable, re-usable, recyclable resource
  3. Main types of data
  4. Big data: how machines are coming to help. AI, ML, DL etc.
  5. How do we develop intuitions and ask questions?
  6. What do we learn from the data (connection, association, causality, significance)
  7. How do we communicate our findings: Telling your story with data
  8. Afterthought: current and alternative models of data economy


We will do an exercise: come up with data points like: yourself, your place of residence (city, country), your daily interactions?

Our Coach:

Masha Chelova is an economist and a storyteller with words, images and data.

She is interested in data as a renewable source in the circular economy.

As an educator she had taught in various business schools and currently focuses on data literacy, governance and AI.




If you cannot make it this time, it is ok. This course is going to be recorded and uploaded to our platform https://e-bloom.net/ together with other interesting topics such as DESIGN THINKING, DATA LITERACY, FROM IDEA TO BUSINESS MODEL or FROM WATERFALL TO AGILE.


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